Email Marketing Software for Doctors

Email Marketing Software for Doctors

When visiting a doctor, many people expect to get not only the medical treatment but also a personal human approach and understanding them as individuals.

As a doctor, you may want to pay more attention to any given patient, but the time is limited and you have to get everything done quickly before you go to the next patient on your list.

It may be surprising but this is where email marketing can really help doctors show good people skills and take an interest in the patients’ lives.

By means of email marketing you can communicate with your patients in an automated mode so that they get the information they need while you are busy at other work. You can write a series of emails – say five or seven friendly and welcoming emails – and send them to everyone who joins your mailing list without anything else needed from you or your staff.

In these emails you can explain that you understand your patients needs, possible fears, and anxieties, describe the sort of treatments you provide, remind them of the importance of looking after their health, encourage patients to come more regularly for health check-ups and answer commonly asked questions.

In addition, you can send out regular newsletters, appointment reminders, surveys and greeting cards on your patients’ birthdays which is a great opportunity to invite them to have an annual health check up.

You can start by encouraging people to sign up to your email list by filling in an opt-in form on your website. You can also ask patients to give you their email address when they come to you for a health check up.

On your website as an extra incentive you may offer a free report which people can download immediately in return for their email address. Or you may simply write: “Enter your email address and name to receive our monthly newsletter and learn more about the services we offer”.

People will happily give your their email address if they know that they will receive some useful information in return.

When you start getting email subscribers, you can work out and setup your email series. This can be done easily with G-Lock EasyMail7 email marketing software. You do not have to have any email design skills. EasyMail7 allows you to quickly create a nice email message using a drag-and-drop message editor and quickly embed pictures into your email.

The program also has a rich collection of beautiful responsive email templates that you can customize to fit your needs.

Email Marketing Software for Doctors

When the emails are ready, you can add them to an automated email series and schedule each email to be sent at the right time – for example, 2nd email in 2 days after the 1st email, 3rd email in 2 days after the 2nd email and so forth. EasyMail7 will automatically send all messages to each new subscriber added to your list without any action needed from you.

The best part is that you do not need to worry about growing costs for email marketing. We have one yearly fee for EasyMail7 and no additional charges no matter how many emails you send or how many subscribers join your list.

A good doctor knows that patient care is not only medical treatment, it is also understanding patients as individuals and interest in their lives. Email marketing helps doctors give a personal approach to each patient, take care about their health and be a part of their lives while showing a good expertise and practice.

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