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G-Lock EasyMail
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 14 reviews
 by Kelly Ann
Most Excellent Customer Service

G-Lock's Customer Service by email is very quick, with clear and helpful instructions. Other companies could take a lesson in customer service from G-Lock!!

 by Alain Reymond, ceia.com
I use it every week for sending bulk emails

I use it every week for sending mails to 2000 corresponding doctors. I recommended it to a company I know who ordered G-Lock EasyMail Business 2 or 3 years ago and uses it to send announces to their customers.

 by Matt Lingle
Ability to customize the source HTML in the email is excellent

G-Lock EasyMail works very well. We store lists in a DB, interface with that DB through EasyMail, create emails, save them as templates, and send them out as needed. The ability to customize the source HTML in the email is excellent and allows us to create as simple or as snazzy an email as our clients require.

The filtering and scheduling capabilities are excellent, as is the fact that I can go look to see the specific filter set on an email either scheduled or in the queue, just in case I’m not 100% sure I’ve set it correctly.

Being able to stop large transmissions of email to let some smaller, perhaps more high priority, transmissions through the queue and then restart the large transmission where it left off is very important. Setting an attachment based on information in the DB and being able to name that attachment something else is fantastic.

 by Pam Millist, maxus.net.au maxus.net.au
Reliable and effective bulk email sender

Compared to another product we were using, I find G-Lock EasyMail reliable and effective. It took a little while to set up and also to become familiar with the different modules for sending emails. For an easy-to-use bulk emailer, this works well for our purposes.

 by Chet A. Brown
Pivotal part of our client and prospect marketing program

I would like to start off my saying that we use your software on almost a daily basis. It is a pivotal part of our client and prospect marketing program. We send about 60 bulk emails a quarter to as many as 5000 people at a time. We could not do the job without your software.

 by A1 Yippee, yippee.net
Powerful email software

G-Lock’s EasyMail, powerful email software, is back, and sporting a newer, flasher GUI interface. There are a bunch of new features, all of which really make this program stand out from the crowd in terms of mass emailing. If you’re a company that regularly emails its client base, this is perhaps a better method of doing so…

 by PC Club Aid, marcknight.co.uk
Best mailing client for business

EasyMail is probably the best mailing client for administrators and business users alike. Anyone from club administrators through to the big corporate giants will prefer using this program above all others of its type.

 by Claudio D. Salerno, ldschurch.org
Strong tool for email marketing communications

Works fine, has done all (well, almost for my version) I have asked it for. Maybe it’s a bit difficult to track some problems but I believe it’s a matter of how Yahoo and Hotmail manager their accounts (they way they say what has happened). I don’t really have a bunch of people who I know that would use this type of program, but I would definitely recommend it to people who need a strong tool for email marketing communications (and the like) campaigns.

 by Matthew Monaco, angelstar.com
Fast bulk email sender

It works well. We have recommended it to a local winery and they purchased it and use it for their emails.

 by Ed Williams, maec.com
Love ability to have immediate, updated mailing lists

G-Lock works very well for MA Engineering. The major plus is the ability to tie into a database (which changes frequently) and have immediate, updated mailing lists. I used G-Lock at the last place I worked and liked it so much that when I gained employment at MA Engineering, I recommended it to Arvin Maniktala (owner).

 by Anna Cosio, vida.com.au
Love this email newsletter software

Can’t live without it. It’s been great for us. We’d recommended it to anyone who asks about e-mail programs. One of them already uses it.

 by Tyler White, innquest.com
Easy database integration

Works very well for us. We love the ODBC connection to our SQL database.

 by Roxana Cazaciuc, prestariservicii.ro
Best Email Manager Tool

I’m happy to say that G-Lock EasyMail Business is the best Mail Manager Tool I’ve ever used. It does everything I need. Yes, I’d recommend it to some people and I probably will.

 by Peter Mooney, artdeconapier.com
Best email newsletter sender

I find G-Lock EasyMail good to work with and it resolved a number of email newsletter issues I was facing. I brought the information from the Art Deco Trust to Venture HB and they too are now using it on my recommendation.

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