G-Lock EasyMail for Non-Profit Organizations

Our Email Marketing Solution for Non-Profits

We, at G-Lock Software, have established the ‘G-Lock EasyMail for Non-Profits’ program, which provides free licenses to non-profit organizations. We believe that email marketing can be an incredible opportunity for non-profit organizations to send event invitations, inform supporters, volunteers and improve their fundraising results.

We donate the license for our ‘G-Lock EasyMail Business edition’ to all qualifying non-profit organizations around the world. The license gives full access to the Business edition of our email marketing software and it is lifetime: no recurring fees or additional costs are needed.

How to Apply

Contact Us and include:

– your full name,
– your email address (include the email address from your organization’s domain),
– your non-profit organization’s name,
– your website URL,
– a short brief about the main activities of your organization,
– how you expect to use our email marketing solution.

Our staff will review your submission within 1-3 days and notify you as to whether you are qualified for the free license. If your request is approved we will send you one free license for ‘G-Lock EasyMail Business edition’ so that you can start creating and sending unlimited email campaigns in minutes.

We truly hope many non-profit organizations will take advantage of this offer, allowing G-Lock EasyMail to help them better manage their email marketing activities.

Please note that we reserve the right to approve or deny your request at our sole discretion.

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