How to Become Email Marketing Headliner

How to Become Email Marketing Headliner

When it comes to email marketing, the success of email campaigns is highly determined by your ability to consistently create relevant and valuable information your subscribers and clients need.

It’s not as difficult as it seems to find creative ideas for your email marketing campaigns if you follow these four easy hacks.

1. Elaborate the goal. An easy way a campaign ends up failing is a lack of the goal. What are you trying to achieve with the campaign? Are you promoting your blog? Do you want them to download your product trial? Do you want to sell them your product or service?

Before you start writing the first email, decide on one main goal that will connect all emails in your marketing campaign, and stick to it throughout the process.

2. Think over the subject line. Most marketers don’t bother spending much time on subject lines. Don’t be like them because for many recipients the subject line determines whether the email gets opened or trashed.

35% of all recipients of email choose whether or not to open a message on the subject line alone.

– inwise “The Magic Words: The Importance of the Subject
and ‘From’ Lines for Email Marketing” (2012)

Think about the subject after you wrote the email content. To boost your open rate, consider using the keywords that could work as triggers for your subscribers. “Trial”, “Discount”, “Alert”, “Review”, “Update”, “Video” are one of the best performing words.

When it comes to subject lines, the key rules are: make it catchy without being spammy and do not make it too long. Some email clients cut off long subject lines so they show up weirdly truncated and unreadable. You’ll want to make the subject up to 30-40 characters.

3. Be short and sweet. It may be useful to give the subscriber more information about your company, product or service and its benefits, but a long copy may seem boring to the recipient and may turn them out.

So, remember the goal of your email and be brief. Lay out the reason why you are sending the email to them, show a few short benefits, and add an offer.

However, some best email practices teach that a long copy outperforms a short one. On our opinion, it all depends on the email content and on the level of the subscriber’s engagement. If the subscribers are engaged and active, there is nothing wrong with sending them a long story. But again, it must not be boring.

4. Add the final push. They opened and read your email. What next? Don’t leave them in suspense. Remember what you want the subscriber to do after he reads your email (download a free demo, buy the product, subscribe to the service) and push them to the final step with a relevant and awesome call to action. A beautiful button with 2-4 words leading the reader to the next step will increase the email’s effectiveness.

Our Inboxes are overwhelmed with daily offers, promos and ads. Use these four hints to make sure your message is not lost in the crowd. Define a concise goal, write an attention-grabbing subject line, make it brief, add a powerful call-to-action and you’ll be an email marketing headliner.

How to Become Email Marketing Headliner

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