In-House Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

If you own a small business, then you’ll want to do everything to attract new and retain existing customers. A really powerful way of getting the most out of your customers and helping your business grow is email marketing.

You may be leaving money on the table simply because your customers are not thinking about you. By means of email marketing you will ensure that your company, your products and your offers are always in your customer’s mind.

Some small business owners may not yet use email marketing because:

– it seems too complicated;

– they don’t have time for email marketing;

– they don’t know how to do email marketing;

– they think it is too expensive.

We at G-Lock Software know these concerns and we know how important email marketing is to small businesses. So, we decided to make email marketing for small businesses simple, easy and affordable with a fixed price so that costs never go up when your customer base increases.

We have come up with an in-house email marketing solution which small businesses can use to maintain and boost their customer engagement and income.

Is it really easy?

With EasyMail7 it is not complicated at all.

If you already have an email client you are using for sending regular emails, you will be able to easily setup EasyMail7.

Just create an email server account in EasyMail7 and enter your SMTP server settings there.

Enter SMTP settings in EasyMail7

To create a nice looking email message, you don’t have to have any coding skills at all.

Install one of our stunning email templates from the store and add your text to it.

Download responsive email template

You can also use our default responsive template to create a nice message with your own images and content.

If you want something different, use the drag-and-drop message editor to add images and text blocks into the email to get a professionally looking email.

Create message using drag and drop

It may look like this…

Create template in EasyMail7

Or this…

Create template in EasyMail7

It’s about you to choose how your email will look. If you prefer, you can send a simple, text email without any fancy images at all.

When the message is ready, load your customers into a group in EasyMail7. It’s fast and easy. The program imports a million of records in just 25 seconds!

Create group from file in EasyMail7

Now you are ready to send the message out.

Email marketers are always concerned about the Inbox deliverability. We couldn’t ignore this concern and we added the Inbox Placement and Spam Filtering Test to EasyMail7 to help you make sure that your emails are delivered to the Inbox where they will be seen by your customers.

So, before sending the email to your customers, send the Inbox placement test and see how your message is placed across major ISPs and how spam filters treat it.

Test Inbox delivery in EasyMail7

If the test results are good, send the email to your customer base.

One of our goals was ensuring that EasyMail7 was not difficult to use. But we understand that users may have some troubles with the new system so we are always here to help you get your problem solved quickly and efficiently.

Does it take much time? I’m too busy…

Your customers and subscribers have one common thing — they want information about the products or services you provide. Using automated emails in EasyMail7 you can ensure that every contact in your base gets high quality information from you after they subscribe to your list.

Here’s how it works.

You write a series of emails which will be sent to new subscribers over a period of days, weeks or months after they subscribe to your mailing list.

You choose the topics you think may be of interest to your subscribers and start writing. If you don’t have writing skills, you can outsource this job to someone else for a small fee.

The series can include a welcome message where you thank them for subscribing, an email introducing yourself and your business and giving your contact information in case they have any queries, a couple of emails telling about your products or services and how they can be beneficial to your subscribers.

If people have already bought something from you, you can write about a complementary product that may be useful to them. You can send them a couple of emails explaining some hidden features of your product or service because they may not be able to discover all the “tasty” things your product has themselves… that sort of thing.

And to push them to buy something from you, you can include a special subscriber-only offer in one of the emails.

You have to write these emails once, choose the time interval they will be sent and add them to the automated email series in EasyMail7.

Then every time a new subscriber is added to your email list, they will receive the emails without you having to interrupt your working day for sending an email campaign.

Send automated emails with EasyMail7

You can also send emails out to your entire list any time you have something important to tell them such as when you have a promotion or time-limited deal on your website or in store.

EasyMail7 is designed to ensure an efficient delivery of your email campaigns to your subscribers while taking as little of your time as possible.

What do I write about? I don’t know what to tell…

We’ve just given some thoughts about what you could send in your emails.

For more ideas, think about the questions that your customers ask most often and reply them in the emails.

You know your product or service better and you definitely have some useful tips and advises that your customers can implement. Why not write about that?

You can also send them good tips and best practices used in the industry you work in that they could try to apply.

When you start thinking about it, you will come up with many great ideas how you could use email marketing to stay in touch with your customers and subscribers.

How much does it cost? I’m worried about growing expenses…

Many email service providers set their prices based on how many subscribers you have on your list — the more subscribers you get, the more you pay for email marketing.

Some email service providers charge users based on the quantity of sent emails so it is impossible to calculate in advance how much you will pay because you don’t know how big your list will be in a day, week or month.

We know that small business owners are concerned about uncontrolled expenses so we have taken that into account. EasyMail7 is much affordable than ESPs. We do not charge you based how many contacts you add to your list or how many emails you send to your list.

There is one yearly fee. You pay once and you can send as many emails to as many subscribers as you need. After one year, you can renew your license for a small fee and get program updates during the next year. If you choose not to renew, you can stay with the last version available to you.

Small businesses can benefit from repeat customers. You just need to refresh the customer’s mind to get them come back and buy again. And the best way to do this is through email marketing.

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Try G-Lock EasyMail7 for Free Today!

What if your email service provider suddenly decides to delete your account or ban you?

Don’t put your profits in the hands of a third party, be in control of your email — OWN YOUR DATA, OWN YOUR AUTORESPONDERS, CONTROL YOUR INBOX DELIVERY, REPUTATION, DELIVERY SPEED and either send email for free using your SMTP or use any number of third party email senders of your choice like AMAZON SES API… No Monthly Fees!

An effective email marketing system should include the following tools:

  •  Automated email sequences that drip on your contacts over time to build trust and convert your subscribers into active and happy customers.
  •  An email scheduler for planning your announcements, newsletters, and special occasion emails weeks or even months in advance.
  •  A simple way for you to create sign-up forms so you can connect your marketing efforts to auto-populate your contact lists (we provide WPNewsman plugin for WordPress for free).
  •  A professional collection of quality responsive HTML email templates that you can install and use for your newsletters on the fly.
  •  An automated way of processing bounce and unsubscribe emails to be in compliance with the CAN-SPAM law in various countries.
  •  Training and support from those who have years of experience in email marketing systems, management and success.

With G-Lock EasyMail7 you have the right email marketing system to help you maintain and grow your business.

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