5 Simple Email Marketing Practices to Enhance Your Business

5 Simple Email Marketing Practices to Enhance Your Business

Email marketing can be beneficial to your business if you do it right. But if you do it wrong, it will harm your reputation (and your business) a lot. It’s quite easy to sketch out a quick email and press “Send”. This is exactly what some people actually do.

But if you want to turn email marketing to your advantage, read these five simple email marketing practices. You’ll want to follow them to ensure that your emails get opened, read and acted on.

1. Never spam. This is the first and immutable rule. You can send marketing emails to people who have given you permission to do so. They may be your subscribers, clients, or buyers who accepted to receive your promos via email.

Emailing random people (purchased, harvested or rented lists) with the intention to tell them about your products or services is not the way to go. Do not do this.

2. Don’t overdo. No matter how wonderful your offer is, respect your list. You do not want your subscribers to get sick of hearing about it. So, emailing them several times a day is certainly too much. But sending 3 or 4 messages showing the benefits of your offer with the interval of 2-3 days could be sufficient. The trick is to promote smartly.

3. Send personal emails. We all love personal address and service. Despite the fact that your marketing emails will be sent to the entire list, you can still make them look personal for every recipient.

People like to read messages written just for them. So, write as if you are talking to a friend and telling him a story while softly promoting your product or service. Address the subscriber by name if you have their names in the database.

4. Make is easy to read and understand. Before you sit down and start writing, think about what you want to tell your subscribers and what action you want them to take (visit your website, download a trial, buy the license right now etc. etc.).

You have to get this clear in your mind in order to include all important information and skip everything that is irrelevant. Write in a clear, simple and concise language that everyone can understand. Use bullets to highlight the most important points. Do not mask your call-to-action. Tell straight what you want from them and make your call-to-action button or link visible and clear.

5. Don’t send to inactive users. As an email marketer, not only will you send emails, you’ll also have to deal with email messages that will occur after the email campaign is sent: bounces, unsubscribes, and spam complaints.

Even if your list is 100% valid now, bounces may occur in the future if the user abandons his email account. Plus, people can unsubscribe and report your email as spam for whatever reason. You must take time to unsubscribe or remove these users from your list on a timely manner.

With that said, you will need to use a reputable email marketing system to manage your email campaigns. EasyMail7 was designed to be flexible, powerful and efficient allowing you to send an unlimited number of emails process bounce and unsubscribe emails automatically. With EasyMail7, there are no hidden fees as your subscriber list grows.

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