How to Engage Your Subscribers via Email

How to Engage Your Subscribers via Email

Many businesses find email marketing to be the most affordable, fast, convenient and effective way of communication with their customers and subscribers. And more than a half of consumers prefer email for permission-based marketing communication.

When asked what purpose email marketing serves 78% cited retention, 70% cited engagement, and 68% cited revenue generation.

– DMA “Email tracking report” (2012)

To make the most of your email marketing campaigns, it’s important to truly engage your subscribers. Below are the steps you can take to start engaging your potential recipients.

1. Give a good reason to subscribe.

People are reluctant to give their email addresses because they do not want more spam clogging their Inboxes. Before you ever think about sending marketing emails, you must provide potential subscribers with good reasons to opt-in — instant access to valuable content — and set clear expectations about what you will be sending them and with what frequency.

And if you state your privacy policy below the opt-in form, it may be a decisive factor for the user to subscribe to your list.

2. Send a welcome message to new subscribers.

By welcoming new subscribers, you get on the right way from the beginning and set a positive tone for future communications. In the welcome email, you can thank people for joining your list, give them access to the content you promised on the subscription form, include your contact information and links to informative resources.

Again, you can remind them that you will be sending them marketing emails periodically, and provide an easy way to opt out if they change their minds.

You can create a welcome email template only once and easily send it to each new subscriber with a good email marketing automation system.

3. Personalize emails for various segments.

Overwhelming your subscribers with irrelevant content is a sure way to end up with a ton of “unsubscribes” and spam complaints. So, if you allow the subscriber to choose what mailing list they want to subscribe or what content they want to receive, respect the subscriber’s choice.

Segment your subscribers into groups that make sense, and target each group accordingly. One group may prefer receiving only promos, discounts, coupons, offers, deals etc. The second group may want to receive only notifications about new products and services you introduce. The third group may be interested in valuable content: tips, tricks, best practices, useful resources etc. You need to personalize at least some of your campaigns for your various segments.

4. Write about them, not you.

No matter how you are excited about your company and business, sending email marketing campaigns about your greatness won’t work. People care about your company as much as they can benefit from it.

To engage your subscribers, all your email marketing communications should be about how your product or service makes their lives easier, helps them in their business and why they should choose you instead of your competition.

5. Treat subscribers like insiders.

Make subscribers feel like VIPs by sharing “secret” information or exciting news that is not yet available to public or by giving them exclusive access to the subscriber-only content.

Asking them for their input or help also makes them feel a part of your company and demonstrates that you care about their opinions.

Engaging subscribers is important for email marketing. Sending well crafted emails with valuable information will help you strengthen your relationships with your subscribers, convert them into repeat buyers, make them want to share your emails with others and bring you, new subscribers, and potential customers.

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