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Subject Line Personalization: Does It Make Sense?

As the Subject line is one of the factors that make the reader either open or delete the message, we’re always wondering about the best way to write the Subject line. In one of my latest articles I shared several tips on how to write the Subject line to increase the email open rate.

However, I don’t think we’ll ever find a definite answer what is good and what is bad with regards to the Subject line. This is because one thing may work well for one sender and it may not work for another sender in a different kind of email message. This applies to the personalization of the Subject lines too.

How to Use Free SMTP Servers in EasyMail7

Using an SMTP server to send emails is faster and more reliable because the emails sent through the SMTP server have more chances to be delivered into the Inbox. If your ISP SMTP server is able to handle many messages at a time and does not impose strict email sending restrictions, you can use your ISP SMTP settings in EasyMail7.

How to Optimize Unsubscribe Process for Your Hotmail Contacts

Email marketers understand that the unsubscribe process is as much important as the opt-in process. The unsubscribe link included into each email is a must have for reputable email senders.

However, some people still prefer clicking on “Spam” button if they don’t want to receive emails from you anymore. Maybe they don’t trust the sender’s unsubscribe process and see a spam complaint as a more trustworthy way to opt-out, or maybe they are just too lazy to search for the unsubscribe link in your email, or maybe for any other reason but you are likely to receive a number of spam complaints after each email campaign. And that’s normal. You should be worried only if the number of spam complaints exceeds the allowable threshold set by the ISP. That’s why a great idea is to sign up for ISP feedback loops if you are not signed up yet and monitor your spam complaints at a regular basis.

Why Emails Bounce

List hygiene plays a role in the delivery race. It is important to maintain a clean mailing list and remove bounced/undeliverable emails because a lot of ISP mail servers have been known to block a sender’s email domain for repeated sending messages to email addresses from a non-existing domain.

Most spammers don’t have actual email addresses. Spammers are known to use a software that takes random email addresses and they do not care about bounced or undelivered emails. Hence, ISP assumes that the sender is trying to spam and may block or blacklist his email domain. It will be quite problematic to resolve the matter (block/blacklist) and the only thing to do is to register a new email domain or use another email domain to send emails out.

4 Weird Email Marketing Tactics for Better Open Rate

We’ve already talked about best email marketing practices and tips for a good, healthy HTML email newsletter. These concepts are good practices and worth to be followed by email marketers.

But we all are in different environments; we have different online businesses and different subscribers’ databases. What works for us may not work for you and vice versa. Thus, the best tip you should follow is test your email marketing campaigns to find out what works best for your own subscribers and what doesn’t work at all. 

Today I’d like to share with you 4 weird email marketing concepts which oppose common practices but may work for you under certain circumstances:

Getting into Your Prospect’s Mind

The Internet teems with practical advices, tips and tricks on email marketing: how to create an email newsletter, build an email list, get better response rate and so on. Such information is absolutely important and should be studied by email marketers, in particular, by those one who are just starting their online business. By the way, you can find much useful information on email marketing in the articles on my blog. Do you want to know how to make your emails easier and friendlier to your subscribers? Go on and read my 5 Real Steps to Easier Email

But in this article I won’t tell about any 1, 2, 3 … best email marketing practices and strategies. What I am going to focus on is a psychological aspect of the Internet marketing.

Blacklists: Major Blocks on the Path to the Inbox

Blacklists are the most challenging issue for email marketers. You may follow best email marketing practices compliant with CAN-SPAM law and still end up in a blacklist. The worst thing is that you will not even know that you are blacklisted until you take some steps to investigate the issue.

So, in this article we’ll talk about the causes why you may get into a blacklist, examine the ways how you can determine if you’ve been blacklisted or not, and give several tips what to do if you got blacklisted.

Sender Reputation: Easy to Ruin and Hard to Restore

Your sender reputation with ISPs is the key factor which determines what will happen to your email after you click “Send”. Your reputation is built on your email sending activity, and it’s much easier to spoil it rather than restore your good name.

Although many email marketers underestimate it, sender reputation is a big concern. A bad reputation is often the reason for the emails being filtered and not reaching the recipients.

Unable to Deliver Emails to Hotmail, Live, MSN and Outlook? is putting my legitimate emails into its junk mail folder. What do I do now?

The Microsoft properties (Hotmail, Outlook, MSN. and are obeying Yahoo and AOL’s DMARC p=reject. That means that whenever an email from someone with a or address comes for someone with a,,, or account, if that email “from” or isn’t actually sent from a Yahoo or AOL mail server, then it is being rejected (bounced).

So, if you’re sending emails from your or email address, but not using the Yahoo or AOL mail server, change your “From” domain to prevent message rejection by the Microsoft properties.

As it turns out, with any one of Microsoft’s email addresses –,, and others – you’re still really using whether or not you ever visit it on the web.

I’ve created the following checklist and tips that any marketer or person sending email can follow to help them get delivered to the Inbox. So you can optimize your email delivery system and deliver your emails into the Inbox instead of the Junk email folder.

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