Email marketing best practices

Optimize Your Email Marketing Newsletter through A/B Split Testing

As an email marketer you understand how important the balance of the email frequency, relevancy, and audience expectations is. Every open and click does matter. Now you can stop guessing what will work and what won’t work in your email marketing campaigns and start split testing your email to improve your campaign response and sales with measurable scientific methodology. Testing is the engine of email marketing and G-Lock EasyMail makes this challenging task a breeze to run for everyone.

How to Track Emails

You can use G-Lock Analytics service to track your emails so you know if they were opened and read. Email blast tracking reports are presented in the textual and graphical format. You can also view the geographical localization of unique opens of your email message. With these types of reports you can figure out if your customers find your emails interesting, or what part of them they like more.

How to Track Email Opens and Link Clicks with G-Lock Email Analytics

Email marketing is based on three main products or tools:

After you create your email newsletter and send an email newsletter to your opt-in mailing list, what happens to your email next? Is it delivered? Opened? Links clicked?

How to Get Better Email Open Rate

As an e-mail marketer you’re surely wondering what happens with your email after it is sent. Did your subscribers open it? How many people opened your message and clicked on your links? Not only do such metrics help us identify active and inactive subscribers on our lists, they also help us understand whether our email is relevant to the expectations and interests of our recipients. That’s why we collect email tracking metrics – to analyze them and search for ways to improve them.

Best Practices to Maximize E-mail Performance

As everything in the Internet, email marketing is constantly changing. A never-ending flow of spam entails the appearance of new strict anti-spam technologies and filters. It makes more and more difficult for legitimate opt-in emails to survive and forces e-mail marketers to debug their e-mail programs.

As email marketers we are continuously searching, testing and experimenting in quest of new ways to improve our e-mail performance. And this is reasonable because only using trial and error method we can discover the email tactics that work best for us.

In one of the recent articles I wrote how you could improve your email open rate by using creative Subject lines. Now I would like to cover the topic from another perspective and tell about the format of the email message.

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