How to Track Email Opens and Link Clicks with G-Lock Email Analytics

Email marketing is based on three main products or tools:

After you create your email newsletter and send an email newsletter to your opt-in mailing list, what happens to your email next? Is it delivered? Opened? Links clicked?

Email tracking is the process of recording every recipient’s action on your mass email campaigns. When a subscriber opens your email or clicks a link in your message, his action is recorded and stored inside the email tracking system database.

Cut Down Email Marketing Costs!

G-Lock Analytics is a cost-effective web service to track email campaigns in real time. It doesn’t require you to invest a huge amount of money at one time. You pay only for successful email tracking when a user opens your message or clicks any link inside the message.

You can register on G-Lock Analytics absolutely free and get a free credit package. We have a flexible system of paid monthly plans and you can choose a plan that suits your marketing needs best. You can also change your plan at any time. Just read here about our plans and pricing.

Get Email Blast Tracking Reports in Real Time!

With G-Lock Analytics Tracking Manager you can easily track your email campaigns all over the world and clearly understand who from your customers are most interested in your emails, or what part of them they like more.

When creating your mass email message, you simply replace your regular links with tracking links from your own domain, and place a small image in your email (for HTML emails only). This is a transparent image that is placed within the email. This web beacon records the email opens.

When a recipient triggers an event opening your email or clicking any link in the email, G-Lock Analytics records it and updates the statistics in your account in the real time.

Using your personal account you can collect a full range of useful statistics on your email blasts:

  • Open rate (ratio of unique opens as a percentage of emails sent)
  • Click-through rate (ratio of unique clicks as a percentage of emails sent)
  • Click-to-open rate (ratio of unique clicks as a percentage of unique opens)
  • Number of total and unique email opens
  • Number of total and unique email clicks
  • Recipients’ email addresses who opened your email
  • Recipients’ email addresses who clicked on the links in your email
  • Geographical location of the recipients
  • Which links were clicked
  • Which email clients the receipients used to open the email

Email marketing campaign tracking report – summary

email tracking reports

Email tracking reports are presented in the textual and graphical format. You can also view the geographical localization of unique opens of your email message.

With these types of reports you can figure out if your customers find your emails interesting, or what part of them they like more. For instance, if you are selling products online, and you send out a regular newsletter with a list of new products, you could use G-Lock Analytics to see what your customers are most interested in.

Email blast tracking report – Geographic localization
of unique email opens

Email tracking geographic location

Save Your Time by Using Our Email Blast Software!

If you send your mass emails using our email marketing software G-Lock EasyMail7, you can save your time for adding a campaign to your G-Lock Analytics account and inserting tracking links into your email message.

The use of G-Lock EasyMail7 provides you with the following advantages:

  • you can add an email campaign to your G-Lock Analytics account and replace your regular links with the tracking links directly in G-Lock EasyMail with two mouse clicks;
  • you don’t need to insert a tracking image HTML code into your email because our bulk email software will insert it automatically;
  • you don’t need to enter the number of recipients in the group when creating a campaign. G-Lock EasyMail7 automatically reports them to your account on our email tracking service;
  • you can embed the encoded email address of the recipient into your tracking link and G-Lock Analytics will collect and show you the email addresses of the recipients who opened your email and clicked on the links;
  • you can collect bounced emails using the Bounced Handler in our mass email program and enter the quantity of bounces in your campaign on G-Lock Analytics to get more accurate email tracking analytics;
  • you can view your email blast tracking statistics overview directly in G-Lock EasyMail7.

Email tracking report overview in EasyMail7

Email tracking overview

Here you can download a complete user guide (in PDF format) on How to Track Email Marketing Campaigns with G-Lock Analytics

Download EasyMail7 Now

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