3 Tips for Generating Profits from the Signup Process

As a good email marketer you take care about creating your own mailing list by collecting subscribers on your website or blog. You make sure that your signup form is clearly visible to the readers and that your whole opt-in process works like a charm.

Your primary objective is to collect the email addresses of people who are interested in receiving your emails. You will be then sending your e-newsletters, promotional emails, news, offers, etc. to your subscribers.

But did you think about generating some profits and even sales from the signup process itself? This is what many email marketers overlook when setting up their opt-in program.

Here are a few tips you can take advantage of when building your email list:

1. Put an offer or promotion on the “Thank You” page after people opt in.

After a user fills in the signup form and clicks “Subscribe”, they usually see a “Thank You” page. What does your “Thank You” page say? I believe it says “Thank you for subscribing to our mailing list. Your email was successfully added to our database” or something like that.

But the “Thank You” page is one of the places where you can put a small advertisement for one of your products, an affiliate product, give a link to a free download, and so on. Well, instead of a short “Thank You”, you may write something like

“Thank you for signing up to our mailing list. Your email address was successfully added to our database. And now we would like to tell you about X…”

The subscriber has already trusted you by opting in to your list and now there is nothing wrong with getting them to take another action after they just requested some information from you.

2. Place an offer or promotion in the confirmation or welcome email.

This is another method that people don’t take advantage of. People will read the welcome email they get from you, so why not include an offer for your product, or for an affiliate product, or a link to page of recommended resources? You are spending time to create and send these emails, so do what you can to monetize these emails with related offers.

If you use this newsletter plugin for WordPress to collect subscribers on your blog, you have a full control under the email notifications that are sent to subscribers. The plugin includes pre-compiled email notifications. But you can modify them to fit your marketing niche and include any type of promotion, advertisement or other offer into your welcome message, unsubscribe confirmation letter, or place an offer on your “Thank You” or “Unsubscribe successful” page.

3. Place an offer or promotion on the “unsubscribe” page and/or in the email confirming the unsubscribe action.

This practice is hardly used by anyone in email marketing. For some reason people think that if someone decided to unsubscribe, this decision is final and definitive. Of course, you’ll want to respect the subscriber’s decision but why not try to take some profit from it? You’ll lose nothing by it.

Quite the contrary, by offering something “at parting” or by directing subscribers to a related resource that might be a better fit for them, you can persuade them to get back on your list. Sometimes people can change their mind at the moment they are unsubscribing, so you’ll just want to ask them to re-subscribe to get them back on your list. Anyway, if they unsubscribe, they still may decide to take your offer. Hence, you get one more sale or, at least, more exposure for your product or service.

Here’s an example of the message you can place on your unsubscribe page or in your removal confirmation email:

“You’ve been unsubscribed from our list. We’re sorry to see you go, but we thought we would let you know about this resource that you might enjoy instead…”

This message would then link to an affiliate product, service, or some other related resource that would allow you make money when they jump off your list.


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  • Avatar

    Iain@Gambling & Betting Systems


    I just downloaded this and I sya YEAH, I absolutely love this plugin, i don’t run mailing lists of tens f thousands so who wants to pay $20 per month for an autoresponder service when its so sleek simple and beautiful to do it right and personally.

    I just have to say that although most will know about these tips it’s never a bad ime to have a reminder about these things.

    Thank you

  • Avatar

    Sarah Shaukat


    i think the first two points are correct places to offer your products but when the reader is unsubscribing…that is a little too much. Because at that point he has already decided that he is not interested ur products or in recieving your mails…so one should just let it go.

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