Do You Send Your Emails at the Right Time?

It’s important that you find the best time to send your email newsletters. If you email at the wrong time, at best your emails don’t get the proper attention, at worse they are deleted without being opened by the recipient. This adversely affects your open and click rate.

What time is the best to send an email campaign depends on numerous variables such as email content, business type, target audience, etc.

Though there is no best sending time that would be optimal for all email marketers, we’d like to share with you some thoughts about the best and worst times to send your email newsletters.

Monday is found to be the worst day to send an email campaign, especially if you send a valuable content and expect to get a high response rate. On Mondays people are usually busy with tidying up their Inboxes from the weekend spam. Your email may be lost in the pile of other messages and may be deleted by mistake. Even if the readers don’t delete your email at once, they may not pay the proper attention to it for the lack of time.

Tuesday is the right day to send email newsletters. People have already put their Inboxes in order and are ready to receive new emails.

Statistics show that emails sent in the middle of the week – on Wednesdays and Thursdays – get the highest open rates and click-through rates. There is nothing odd here. The working week is in full swing and people are more likely to read and act on the messages. So, if you are sending breaking news, announcements, promotions, offers and the like, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to do your mailings.

Fridays are not the best days to send business emails. But if you still need to email your newsletter on Friday, do it in the morning before lunch times. Sending business emails on Friday afternoon – not a good idea! People relax and think about the coming weekend. They will be more likely to ignore your messages.

From the other side, Fridays as well as Saturdays and Sundays can be the right time for non-business related emails. If your company offers goods or products relevant to your customers’ leisure-time, the end of the week is the most appropriate time for such emails.

Music fans, cine amateurs, weekend sport warriors and others may be more likely to take an action on the weekend. Also, some people used to plan their purchases for the weekend when they are in a “purchasing mood”.

What is also important is that you establish the consistency in your mailings so that your subscribers can expect your email newsletter at the specified day.

Despite the belief that the emails sent in the middle of the week get a better response rate, don’t take it for the rule. Remember that there is no magical formula that would work for everyone. The best sending time depends on your products, services and your subscriber list.

The only true way to discover what works best for you is test. Send your newsletter on one day and analyze open and click rate. Then choose a different day, send the newsletter, analyze the recipient’s activity and compare results to the ones of the past mailing to determine which email performed better.

To track how your subscribers act on your emails, you can use our G-Lock Analytics email tracking service. You will have a detailed report on how many subscribers opened your email and clicked on the link inside the email. Analyzing these statistics you will have a clear idea which email at which day got a better response from your subscribers.

If you don’t have an account on G-Lock Analytics yet, setup a free account now and start testing your email campaigns to identify which day and time are optimal for your mailings.

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    I enjoyed your post! I liked that you mentioned that there’s really no guideline for when you’re suppose to send out your emails…

    You put 10 email marketers in a room, ask the question of, “When?” and you’ll get 10 different.

    Personally, the only ting that really matter is the relationship that particular marketer has with their list. Send it on Sunday, in the middle of the night… if that relationship is strong, it wont matter!

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