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Email Marketing Software for Doctors

Email Marketing Software for Doctors

When visiting a doctor, many people expect to get not only the medical treatment but also a personal human approach and understanding them as individuals.

As a doctor, you may want to pay more attention to any given patient, but the time is limited and you have to get everything done quickly before you go to the next patient on your list.

It may be surprising but this is where email marketing can really help doctors show good people skills and take an interest in the patients’ lives.

Email Marketing Software for Lawyers

Email Marketing Software for Lawyers

For many people, seeking a lawyer is a real problem because it is difficult for them to find out whether the lawyer they are considering is actually good at his job and whether they can trust him and open their legal problems to that person. So, if you are a lawyer, you need to gain people’s trust before they move onto the next name on their list.

When used properly, email marketing can be surprisingly useful for lawyers in terms of building up a trustful relationship with potential clients and for strengthening relationships with existing clients.

Email Marketing Software for Website Owners

Email Marketing Software for Website Owners

If you own a website, then the first thing you need more than anything else is visitors. More visitors, more subscribers and more sales.

You are already promoting your website as part of your regular marketing program to drive traffic to it. But with hundreds if not thousands competing sites on the Internet, even if someone finds your site and likes it, there is no guarantee that they will return.

Email Marketing Software for Real Estate Agents

Email Marketing Software for Real Estate Agents

In the real estate niche communication is as important as your ability to buy and sell property. Information delivered to the client in a timely manner can make the difference.

Nowadays email marketing is a popular method of communication between clients and real estate agents. If you are a real estate agent, using email marketing you can advertise the properties in your newsletters and market your whole business.

Email Marketing Software for Restaurants

Email Marketing Software for Restaurants

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, your goal is to attract as many clients as possible. So, you have to encourage people to come to your restaurant when they plan eating out. This is much easier to do if your potential clients have your restaurant at the forefront of their minds.

This is where an automated email marketing system like EasyMail7 comes in. By sending emails with the information about your current menus, specials, discounts, and deals directly to your regular clients’ Inboxes, you will make people think about your establishment and encourage them to come back more often.

In-House Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

If you own a small business, then you’ll want to do everything to attract new and retain existing customers. A really powerful way of getting the most out of your customers and helping your business grow is email marketing.

You may be leaving money on the table simply because your customers are not thinking about you. By means of email marketing you will ensure that your company, your products and your offers are always in your customer’s mind.

How to Send Customized Email Messages Using Merge Tags

With merge tags you can dynamically add content to your email message and customize it for each recipient. The simplest example of email customization is when you merge the recipient’s first name into the salutation to make them feel you address them personally. Some marketers used to merge the name into the Subject line to immediately notify the subscriber that the email is coming from someone they know. Using merge tags you can add the current date to the message, include a personal link for each recipient, attach a unique file to the message for each subscriber and even create en entire email newsletter. The possibilities are countless.

Top 10 Mistakes in Email Marketing

When you make your first steps in email marketing, you are probably very enthusiastic about sending a lot of emails to many people. But being in this euphoric mood, you can do things that can get you in trouble with ISPs. Even a minor negligence can “favour” your email being filtered as spam or junk mail. You don’t definitely want to end up in junk folders and blacklists, do you? So, before you start sending your email campaigns, check out this list of common mistakes that email marketing newbies often make:

How to Get Email Addresses for Sending Bulk Email for Free

After you have your website or blog up and running, the next step in your online business should be obtaining an email list. Having a list of email addresses can be very beneficial for your marketing. You can send those people email newsletters informing them about your products, services, special offers, and other stuff so it can be a great way for you to increase your sales. There are several methods you can use to build your email list. But first you need to download and install an email marketing system.

Do You Send Your Emails at the Right Time?

It’s important that you find the best time to send your email newsletters. If you email at the wrong time, at best your emails don’t get the proper attention, at worse they are deleted without being opened by the recipient. This adversely affects your open and click rate.

What time is the best to send an email campaign depends on numerous variables such as email content, business type, target audience, etc.

Though there is no best sending time that would be optimal for all email marketers, we’d like to share with you some thoughts about the best and worst times to send your email newsletters.

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